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Expert Interview: Skip McGrath’s Secrets to Selling Success

By | on 11, Mar 2015 | Seller Stories

As a well-known selling coach and author, Skip McGrath has spent the last several years dedicated to not only mastering the craft of third-party selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, but also [...]

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How Keeps Ed Kohler’s Sales in the Matrix

By | on 17, Feb 2015 | Seller Stories

What began as a purchase on eBay, continued as an arbitrage hobby turned business for Ed Kohler. Ed is the person behind, Fit The Matrix, an online store specializing in a variety of products.

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Tips & Strategies for Selling in Q4 from Users, The Cranfords

By | on 09, Dec 2014 | Seller Stories

Shawn and Angie Cranford are seasoned Amazon sellers with over eight years of selling experience behind them.  In the spirit of helping other sellers achieve success on Amazon, the couple created a Fa[...]

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How is Helping Tom Hou Realize His Career Goals

By | on 01, Oct 2014 | Seller Stories

  This post is based on an interview with Appeagle user and Amazon seller Tom Hou. Check out how he's used Appeagle's automated repricing software to build his part-time online business into something[...]

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Learning FBA with Valerie Hope: An Review

By | on 29, Sep 2014 | Seller Stories

Valerie Hope, founder of shares her experience with using in a review originally posted on her site.

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Online Seller Expert Bob Willey on Repricing Software

By | on 16, Sep 2014 | Seller Stories

Marketplace selling comes with its highs and lows. Learning how to manage the ups and downs of eCommerce are what separate those who are successful and those who are unsuccessful. Bob Willey, an Amazo[...]