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The Top 7 eCommerce Experts & Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Whether you’re new to the world of eCommerce or you’ve been slinging stuff online for years, it does not pay to live in a bubble. To learn (and stay on top of) best practices, it’s vital to find a handful of eCommerce experts and influencers to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape.

But how do you find these experts and influencers, you ask?

Well, you could certainly traverse Twitter and scour search engines looking for Amazon bloggers, Walmart wizards, and eBay aficionados.

Or, if you’re looking for an easier way, you could simply peruse this post we’ve put together including some of the top eCommerce experts and influencers to follow on social media.

We’ve vetted this group of highly skilled sellers and veterans of online marketplaces to help save you time and energy that could otherwise be spent building your business in other ways.

We hope you take our advice and check them out, and more importantly, we hope you learn some tricks of the trade that make your online business even more profitable as you progress in your career.

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Andy Geldman - Web Retailer

Andy Geldman

UK-based Andy Geldman is the founder of Web Retailer, one of the premier online publications for eCommerce practitioners for the last 14 years and counting.

Andy writes about everything you could possibly imagine regarding online selling, from how-tos on getting started with different marketplaces and SEO strategy for listing pages to detailed guides on selecting tools to drive business growth and in-depth interviews with other eCommerce experts.

We highly recommend checking in regularly with Andy’s website to stay on top of eCommerce trends. Or, better yet, follow @webretailer on Twitter for a consistent stream of eCommerce content year-round.


Rob Anderson - Dollar Moves

Rob AndersonIf anyone has used Amazon to create a lifestyle he loves, it’s Rob Anderson, creator and host of the Dollar Moves website and YouTube channel. On it, Rob details how he started his FBA business, what tools and tactics he uses to make running it less tedious, and what strategies he uses to build wealth.

Between his free videos, eBooks, and blog posts, Rob has educated countless followers on the hows and whys of building an eCommerce business with as much automation as possible. He’s even waxed poetic on the “lifestyle freedom” he’s been able to achieve thanks to outsourcing fulfillment to FBA, price management to automated repricing software, and other time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants so he can have the flexibility to travel the world and work from whatever beachscape he decides is best for any given month.

Follow Rob on Twitter to stay on top of all the updates he adds to his other Dollar Moves channels.

Chad Rubin - Think Crucial, Skubana

Chad RubinAs the founder of Skubana, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for eCommerce businesses, Chad Rubin is a recognized expert in the online selling community.

Not everyone knows that before starting Skubana, Chad was selling online after bringing his parents’ brick-and-mortar vacuum store into the digital world, eventually scaling Crucial Vacuum into a multi-million dollar business and then into an even more impressive online selling operation in Think Crucial.

You can find Chad’s informative videos and posts on his YouTube channel and the Skubana company blog, as well as in various interviews and guest posts across the interwebs.

You can also follow Chad on Twitter to get his latest eCommerce updates in real time.

Armando Roggio - @Ecommerce Boy

Armando Roggio

The eCommerce Boy Twitter account is run by Armando Roggio, who describes himself as an “eCommerce professional, marketer, writer and developer with more than 4,300 published articles.” With over 13,000 followers and nearly 21,000 Tweets, his account is one of the most popular social media streams on the subject of eCommerce.

On top of Tweeting about various online marketplaces and selling strategies, @EcommerceBoy also shares tips, tactics, and articles on all things marketing, from SEO and SEM to copywriting and content marketing. All of these practices are vital for online sellers to understand, so this high-volume account can provide a daily dose of both eCommerce and marketing insights.

Charlie McBroom - @McEcommerce


Also known as @McEcommerce on Twitter, Charlie McBroom is an eCommerce growth expert who posts about Amazon, eBay, and beyond. He also shares stories about entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and marketing to his nearly 2,000 followers, as well as videos on online selling through his other Twitter account, @SellerHubTV.

McBroom is also the founder of Fitted Commerce, a design agency specializing in eCommerce websites, multichannel expansion, and driving sales growth for small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

Ashley - Hustle at Home Mom

Hustle at Home Mom

Depending on which social media channels you prefer, it might seems like Ashley from Hustle at Home Mom is relatively new to the eCommerce influencer scene. With only a handful of YouTube videos, her collection is small, but chock full of insightful details on how to start your own eCommerce operation at home from the ground up.

But, if you’re into following eCommerce experts on Instagram, you may be one of H@H Mom’s nearly 27,000 followers who tune into her posts to catch a glimpse into her life as a self-made Amazon and eBay boss.

We recommend following Ashley on Instagram and encouraging her to make more how-to videos in the comments section.

Steve Chou - My Wife Quit Her Job

Steve Chou

When Steve Chou’s wife became pregnant with the couple’s first child, she didn’t want to have to return to work after a short maternity leave. So, they decided to start a new life as online entrepreneurs, opening an eCommerce store and earning over $100K in their first year of business to replace her salary. Needless to say, she ended up quitting that job!

From there, Steve decided to create a website where he could share what they learned about selling online to help other online sellers live more fulfilling lives. His website, My Wife Quit Her Job, chronicles the steps he took to begin selling online and to create a sustainable model for success.

You can also follow Steve on Twitter at @MyWifeQuit for daily updates, and listen to his podcast where he features other successful people in the eCommerce space.

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