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How Rob Anderson of "Dollar Moves" Doubled His Sales (And Found Lifestyle Freedom) with Informed.co & FBA

This post highlights Rob Anderson, an Amazon seller who's felt the power of Informed.co's automated repricing platform firsthand. 

If you’ve ever overheard people saying great things about you when they didn’t know you were listening, then you know it feels pretty amazing.

That’s exactly what happened when we heard Rob Anderson, an influential Amazon seller, author, and creator/host of the YouTube channel and website Dollar Moves, discussing his love for Informed.co and its automated repricing software on Green Room Hangouts, a popular podcast for sellers.

After hearing Rob talk about how much Informed.co has helped improve both his business and personal life in just a few months, we knew we had to get in touch with him to hear more about how he found us, how he uses our software, and why he’s so fond of us.

Rob was happy to tell us how he started selling on Amazon and using Informed.co. And, we couldn't be happier that he wants to share his success story with our community.

Keep reading to hear more about Rob’s FBA fairytale. And, click this link to skip to the 11:30 mark of the podcast to hear Rob start talking about Informed.co!



How Rob Anderson started selling through Amazon FBA

Like many other Amazon sellers, Rob entered the fray of the Amazon Marketplace out of pure necessity. His luxury RV business was having a tough time sustaining itself during the Great Recession. So, he needed a new means of making an income that would fit into a schedule that required constant traveling.

He discovered FBA and researched if it could fit into his lifestyle of working remotely most of the time. A free ebook and Jim Cockrum’s “Proven Amazon Course” for sellers was more than enough to convince him.

Then, Rob invested in a scanner and printer with money from his tax return (“About $1500,” he recalled). He spent the remaining cash on his initial inventory, sourcing mostly used goods at thrift stores.

Used books, especially textbooks, played a major role in Rob’s starting product line. He also bought toys, board games, video games, and “weird trinkets” that command surprisingly high-profit margins, especially when you find them used but in sellable condition, as Rob was apt at doing.

Soon enough, Rob was making decent money as a seller, and he decided to go all-in. He shifted his focus to building his own empire through Amazon FBA, putting the RV business behind.



The only problem was that work started to consume his entire life

In theory, FBA exists to make sellers’ lives easier. It has clear advantages over running your own warehouse and being an MFN seller. But, between the time-suck of sourcing sellable products, tracking competitors, and spending hours doing monotonous manual repricing, Rob still had hardly a moment to relax.

One day, while working remotely from his sister’s house in California, Rob was repricing his inventory manually when his brother-in-law remarked: “There’s got to be software that can make this easier for you!” For Rob, that moment served as an epiphany. 

Rob Anderson, Dollar Moves | Informed.co

Rob already knew that software existed specifically to ease the burden of manual repricing for Amazon sellers. But, he’d avoided looking into it because he’d heard so many “horror stories,” as he put it, “about sellers who misused repricers and had their entire inventory wiped out when their products were repriced to a penny.”

He had managed to build his Amazon business into a six-figure sales machine without using a repricer for the first five years of selling FBA.

But as a 40-year-old single dad, Rob knew that all the success he could squeeze out of his Amazon store would be worthless without the freedom to do the things he loves outside of work, like spending time with his family, traveling the world, and scuba diving in exotic places like Costa Rica.

Which brings us to just a few months ago, when Rob decided to get over his fear of repricers and try Informed.co for the first time.



Why Rob Anderson decided to try Informed.co's automated repricing software 

Rob had found out that several of his most trusted business mentors, including Sam Cohen (an eight-figure Amazon seller) and FBA expert Duane Malek, “and many other successful online sellers,” were using Informed.co to save them hours upon hours of time each month while simultaneously boosting their sales, margins and profits with Informed.co’s built-in repricing strategies.

This revelation compelled Rob to give the software a spin.

The reason I got Informed.co is...if all these guys are using it– these are the guys that are just killing it on Amazon– I’m going to follow success.



Rob's immediate results of using Informed.co

Rob started to see great results as soon as he began using Informed.co to reprice his inventory.

On top of freeing up his schedule from the tedious process of watching over his competitors and manually repricing his inventory several times a month, Rob’s sales figures have skyrocketed since he integrated Informed.co’s repricing software into his operations.

In the Green Room Hangouts podcast, he noted that it was only halfway through March, and his total sales for the month had already beat his total sales from the entire same month in the previous year.

A month earlier, Rob saw very impressive results of doubled gross sales from the same month in the previous year. And, he’s more than happy to give a chunk of the credit to Informed.co handling his repricing.

According to Rob:

“Informed.co takes me out of the monotonous parts of the business I don’t need to be in. When I can have a software program taking care of something I don’t need to be involved in -- to continuously get my products competitive, keeping prices competitive all day long and even when I’m asleep -- using Informed.co is a no brainer.”



Rob's thoughts on Informed.co's value

While some small-time sellers might balk at a price of $150 a month for a repricer, Rob is quick to point out that the software more than pays for itself in his situation. That's because Informed.co gives Rob the winning combination of more Buy Box exposure and, as a direct result, more sales, better margins, and increased profits.

Perhaps most importantly, Rob no longer has to spend hours behind a computer screen manually repricing. Now, he has tons more free time to pursue things he finds fulfilling. Because of all these pluses, Rob has nothing but love for Informed.co.


Rob Anderson, Dollar Moves | Informed.co


In fact, he says he wishes he would have implemented it sooner, like when he was just starting out selling. 

He says that new sellers should take the time to get the hang of Amazon’s Marketplace initially. But, he has no reservations about recommending the use of a repricer as soon as possible for any “serious” seller.

Rob has just one thing to say to anyone who questions whether Informed.co is worth the investment:

What would you pay somebody to sit there and reprice all your stuff competitively every day, all day long? $150 a month is not that much when you think of it like that. And you get so much more in returns than if you did repricing manually.



How Rob Anderson uses Informed.co to boost his business and save time

As Rob mentioned in the podcast, his main fear of using Informed.co was that it would spiral his prices downward.

He was very concerned with using a repricer against other sellers using repricers, leading to the dreaded “race to the bottom” that every seller fears, where everyone involved ends up selling at a loss and losing a big part of their inventory.

The reality is that this will never happen if you set your repricer up when you first start using it with minimum selling prices, or price floors, for each product you plan on repricing.

Rob explained that he uses different strategies for competing against Amazon and for competing against similar Buy Box-eligible FBA sellers. And instead of always trying to beat his competitors on price, Rob prefers the strategy of matching his competition’s prices.

This strategy has resulted in a major increase in his Buy Box wins and gross sales. Interestingly, price matching has also kept his products from reaching their minimum set prices very often, since he’s not actively involved in driving prices down.

“It doesn’t do the race to the bottom like I thought it would,” admitted Rob. “With Informed.co, I can set rules -- like, exact rules. I set my minimum prices and then I tell it how to act from there.”

Now, no longer watches over his competitors and manually reprices for hours and hours each month. Instead, he happily outsources the mind-numbing task to Informed.co’s powerful repricer.



Rob's final thoughts on using Informed.co for automated repricing

Finally, we asked Rob to quantify how much more free time he has because of Informed.co, and he said this:

“Oh man, I would say a full two days a month at least, probably much more than that. Manual repricing was a pain in the butt and I wouldn’t want to ever do it again. I should have started with it much sooner!”

These days, Informed.co helps Rob reprice his products hundreds of times a day -- sometimes thousands. This allows him to take more trips to Costa Rica where he enjoys surfing and relaxing. With that kind of time-saving, sales-driving power, perhaps it’s time that you followed Rob’s path to FBA success.After all, he now has the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle he’s always dreamed of.


Rob Anderson scuba

To Rob Anderson, scuba diving in Costa Rica on a whim is lifestyle freedom. 

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