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How to Boost Online Hanukkah Sales (Even if You Don't Celebrate)

Amazon sellers who’ve yet to think about what to sell for Hanukkah, don’t worry: you’ve still got time. In 2017, the holiday begins on December 12th and ends the evening of December 20th. That means if you add Amazon and Walmart Marketplace Hanukkah sales into your Q4 eCommerce strategy now, your bottom line can still benefit.

But what Hanukkah products should you source for you online store(s) and how should you list them?

The following tips will help Amazon sellers who don’t celebrate Jewish holidays set themselves up for big Amazon Hanukkah sales.

Don’t treat Hanukkah like “Jewish Christmas”

If you didn’t know better, you might be tempted to treat Hanukkah the same way you’d treat Christmas. That's to say, gifts for your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and perhaps even the mailman.

But Hanukkah isn’t supposed to be a gift-giving bonanza.

In fact, the only reason that Hanukkah has become known for gifts is because of pressure from commercial culture to keep up with Christmas. After all, both holidays typically fall around the same time of year, and Jewish parents feel pressure to keep their kids happy. had this to say about the phenomenon of Hanukkah today:

“The most important thing to remember about Hanukkah is that it is not Jewish Christmas, no matter what the card shops and toy stores want you to believe. Hanukkah is a very minor holiday. It's not about joy to the world and peace on Earth and presents galore for everyone you've ever met; it's about lighting candles and playing games for chocolate coins and eating potato pancakes. Many Jewish parents give their children gifts during Hanukkah because they don't want their children to feel left out of Christmas, but Hanukkah gift-giving rarely extends much beyond one's own children.”

With that in mind, Amazon sellers should source items they know will be in demand for Jewish children and families. Things like:

Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins)
Holiday-themed games
Hanukkah clothes (okay, so this one's more for the parents

For teens, Amazon sellers can also source fun, gimmicky Hanukkah goodies, like this special branded edition of Cards Against Humanity.

Understanding that Hanukkah on Amazon isn’t the same over-the-top gifting extravaganza as Christmas will help keep Amazon sellers in perspective--and on-target--this holiday season.

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Amazon and Walmart sellers should stock up on Hanukkah items and decorations

Even if you don’t celebrate Hanukkah, you probably know what a menorah is. These ornate candelabras are used to hold the special candles that commemorate the story of Hanukkah. While many Jewish families have heirloom menorahs and/or already own one (or several), there’s always demand for new ones.

Knowing this, Amazon sellers should source menorahs that are eye-catching, unique, and, of course, high-margin. They should also stock up on Hanukkah candles, since they’re an equally essential aspect of the holiday experience.

You might even want to create a unique Hanukkah product bundle with a menorah, candles, gelt, and a dreidel.

On top of that, Amazon sellers should consider filling their inventories with Hanukkah decorations. This could include wall and ceiling hangings, window decorations, tinsel, and other themed decor.

kosher grocery products for Amazon Hanukkah

Amazon sellers who already sell in the Grocery category on Amazon should stock up on kosher products for the holiday.

And, if you don’t sell groceries, Hanukkah gives you extra incentive to start.

Plenty of non-perishables will be in-demand before Hanukkah, like this potato latke mix from Manischewitz, one of the most trusted kosher brands around.

Amazon Chanukkah -- Potato latke mix
Potato latkes are traditional Jewish potato pancakes 
served with applesauce and they're one of the most popular Hanukkah foods. While many Jews prepare them from scratch, others rely on mixes to get the job done much easier. These non-perishable products and others, like matzo ball soup mix, are perfect for boosting Hanukkah sales in the Grocery category.

We already mentioned Hanukkah gelt, the chocolate coins that kids love to eat during Hanukkah. If you’re already taking advantage of the colder months to list temperature-sensitive items as FBA, you may as well list other popular (and kosher) chocolate goodies.

Kosher products can lead to an unexpected bottom line boost, especially if you never considered targeting Jewish holiday shoppers.

Include the words “Hanukkah” and “kosher” in Amazon product descriptions

When you’re listing products for a specific group of shoppers, your product titles must be optimized with the right keywords.

Otherwise, potential buyers may never find your listings and they'll likely end up buying the same items from sellers with easier-to-find listings.

For Hanukkah product descriptions, it’s important to use the actual word “Hanukkah,” as well as “kosher” if it applies. This may seem obvious, but not all sellers understand this. Many lose out on sales as a result.

And here's another tip: If you don’t sell all your Jewish holiday-themed products, remarket them for the next Jewish holiday, if possible. While not all Jewish holidays feature gift-giving (and some are somber in nature), a little research can help you strategize.

For example, you can remarket kosher grocery items for Passover/Pesach (starting in late Q1 2018 on March 30 and ending April 7) if their expiration dates stretch far beyond that holiday. You can also remarket kosher foods for Purim (February 28 - March 1) and Shavuot (May 19 - May 21) into bundles when gift baskets are very popular.

Check out this 2017-2018 Jewish holiday calendar and these explanations of Jewish holidays to help your planning process.

How sellers win at Amazon Hanukkah: the bottom line

Even if you don’t celebrate Hanukkah, you can still target those who do and boost your bottom line in the process.

Pay attention to trending products for kids and teens, identify in-demand, Hanukkah-specific gifts and decorations, and put time into researching other Jewish holidays that you can target for sales—especially for clearing any inventory from Hanukkah that you were unable to move.

On top of that, source non-perishable kosher products that meet Amazon’s temperature-sensitivity requirements, and use targeted keyword in product descriptions.

Follow these Hanukkah eCommerce strategies, and you might just exceed your wildest Q4 sales expectations.

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