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Expert Interview: Skip McGrath’s Secrets to Selling Success

As a well-known selling coach and author, Skip McGrath has spent the last several years dedicated to not only mastering the craft of third-party selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, but also to sharing his knowledge with others.

Today, Skip and his wife, Karen, have published over 15 books, maintain several webstores, and have a newsletter that boasts tens of thousands of subscribers. But just how did Skip get to this point in his career? “My wife and I began by owning an antique shop in New York’s Hudson Valley before we closed up shop and moved to the great Pacific Northwest. Once we discovered eBay, we knew we could maintain our passion for selling antiques online,” said Skip. “And so it all began.”

It all began, indeed. The couple soon made their way to Amazon- the predominant storefront they maintain today. “Making the move to Amazon was easy and unfortunately eBay hasn’t been able to to keep up with everything Amazon has to offer both buyers and sellers,” explained Skip. Nonetheless, Skip doesn’t discount his roots in eBay. He and Karen were among the first registered eBay Trading Assistants, qualified to sell consignment on behalf of others. “For us, eBay is where it all began and it holds a dear place for us.”

The strides the McGraths have made on Amazon, though, have been just as astonishing. In 2013, Amazon awarded Skip as one of their top 10 sellers for the holiday season (November 15th to December 24th). Skip admits it doesn’t take selling thousands of items to accomplish such a thing. “We sell about 900 products, which is a lot but not compared to how many listings other sellers have,” said Skip. “We stick to what we know.”


The McGraths, who often work while on vacation, have also gotten creative in their selling- specifically on Amazon- which has created ways for them to essentially eliminate competition altogether. “Bundles have been one of the keys to our success. When you create custom bundles, chances are you’re selling something no one else is,” explained Skip. For this reason, Skip doesn’t utilize much repricing. His stance on repricing, though, is an intellectual one. “Some sellers don’t understand repricing. I think that’s the biggest problem. It’s not something to be scared of-- you just need the right software.”

The McGraths are all about helping others accomplish a dream they’ve been able to create for themselves through third-party selling. You can learn all of their tips, tricks and tactics in one of their many books. But Skip was kind enough to boil it down for us; “Test the waters with products until you find what works best for you. Then, try new ways of selling those products. Don’t trust all the self-claimed gurus out about how eBay and Amazon works, then try it out for yourself.”

You can learn more about Skip and subscribe to his newsletter at