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How Commerce Pundit Increases Sales for Its Clients via

Here’s a numbers game for you: Three years ago, Yagnesh Tank took his four-plus years of eCommerce experience and began two new ventures — selling online and joining Commerce Pundit.

As an eCommerce service provider, Commerce Pundit provides online sellers with selling solutions to help grow their business.

“We recommend to each client who sells in the U.S. and UK because of how easy it is to use and because of the drastic increase in sales,” said Tank.

“The average 30% increase in profits we see for our clients from would not be able to occur with manual repricing.”


Yagnesh Tank


How Yagnesh Tank and Commerce Pundit discovered repricing


On their route to finding the best repricer for their business, they hit some bumps in the road.

“Before, we were manually repricing and we realized it was not at a fast enough pace. So we did research online and learned about repricing.

"We tried about six other repricers but they didn’t work for us. The biggest difference I saw in was the price of service. It’s very cheap and cost effective," explained Yagnesh Tank.

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In addition to the reasonable pricing structure,’s usability. was very attractive to Tank.

“Any non-technical person can handle the software. After one or two hours our team is able to understand the software. Other repricers were not customizable enough and were not able to suit my clients’ needs.

"The other software were very difficult to use. I have seven years of E-Commerce experience and I still found them difficult to navigate. I saw right away that would work.”



How Tank uses's repricing strategies and data analytics


When it comes to strategies within, Yagnesh Tank set up an array of different methods to apply to his clients’ profiles.

“I have implemented strategies with multiple SKUs. It’s also such a great advantage to be able to set up strategies for our clients' used items. I’ve been able to increase our clients’ profit margins. For each listing or category allows you to customize as much as you want.”

In regards to data, Yagnesh Tank has seen great outcomes.

“New sellers can’t get the Buy Box, so once we achieve featured seller status, we enable the Get the Buy Box feature and see an even greater increase in sales. It helps a lot. The buy box report you get from and from Amazon match for proven accuracy.’s data management is excellent and precise.”

As for those thinking about giving a try, Yagnesh Tank has a few words of advice.

“I suggest just trying the software for the trial period. You’ll quickly realize how will be helpful to you. You won’t even need 14 days—after 10 days you’ll be hooked!”



Curious to see why Yagnesh Tank and Commerce Pundit are so fond of

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