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Posts by Erik Mathes

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How to Get Amazon Buy Box Eligible Status

By | on 12, Mar 2018 | Marketplace Tips

Formerly known as Amazon Featured Merchant Status, Buy Box Eligible Status on Amazon is exactly what it sounds like. Sellers with Amazon Buy Box Eligible Status are able to win the Buy Box, which lead[...]

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Why Appeagle Became

By | on 06, Mar 2018 | Product Updates

As a company, we’ve always admired and relied on certain brands for inspiration. The major thing they all had in common was the ability to clearly and confidently convey their core values and aspirati[...]

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The Best Products And Strategies For Amazon Easter Sales

By | on 05, Mar 2018 | Holiday/Seasonal

With the arrival of spring, Amazon Easter sales are the perfect welcome-to-Q2 gift for online sellers. In fact, Easter falls on April 1st in 2018, literally the first day of Q2. 

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Interview: Amazon Expert Chris McCabe Talks PROSPER Show 2018 and More

By | on 26, Feb 2018 | Marketplace Tips

I f you’re active in the eCommerce space, especially if you sell on Amazon, then you may have heard of Chris McCabe, a.k.a. ecommerceChris. McCabe is a specialist in helping Amazon sellers improve the[...]

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Amazon Australia Repricing Now Available With

By | on 12, Feb 2018 | Product Updates

You asked for it and we delivered: Amazon Australia repricing is now available from The development coincided with the recent launch of Amazon Australia, and many of our customers request[...]

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Amazon Product and Category Restrictions: Everything You Need To Know

By | on 05, Feb 2018 | Marketplace Tips

You may think that you can sell anything under the sun on the world's largest online marketplace, but Amazon restricted products make that far from the truth. While some Amazon product restrictions an[...]