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Posts by Erik Mathes

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When & Why to Use Algorithmic Repricing Strategies on Amazon

By | on 23, Jul 2018 | Repricing Strategies

The post on algorithmic repricing is part of our in-depth series on repricing strategies you can use with the help of an automated repricer to boost sales and profitability as an eCommerce merchant.

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How to Get Your Products to the Top of Amazon Search Results Pages

By | on 16, Jul 2018 | Marketplace Tips

Amazon is the most competitive marketplace in the world and home to sellers of all kinds, from hobbyists selling their crafts to major corporations. But in spite of this, people are still turning to A[...]

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The Best Back-to-School Products to Source for eCommerce

By | on 25, Jun 2018 | Holiday/Seasonal

When it comes to back-to-school selling tips for eCommerce merchants, there are certain strategies that can seriously help drive sales. On top of that, there’s an enormous amount of back-to-school pro[...]

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How to Crush Amazon Prime Day 2018 Without Lightning Deals

By | on 18, Jun 2018 | Marketplace Tips

Amazon Prime Day 2018 will start on Monday, July 16th, 2018 at 3 pm EST, and run for 36 hours until 3 am EST on July 18th. 

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How to Profit More By Pricing Below Competition With a Repricing Tool

By | on 11, Jun 2018 | Repricing Strategies

The article is part of our in-depth series on repricing strategies for eCommerce sellers. It explores the counter-intuitive principle of pricing below competitors to boost profits with the help of aut[...]

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Patriotic Sourcing Tips to Seriously Boost Q3 Sales

By | on 04, Jun 2018 | Holiday/Seasonal

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, and with it just passing, smart sellers know that it’s time to finalize a July 4th product strategy.