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Amazon Valentine's Day: Prepare Now and Love Those Profits!

If you’re not feeling the Q1 love yet, don’t get too down: Amazon Valentine's Day sales are on the way with the potential to seriously boost your sales in a relatively slow season. 

Landing right in the middle of Q1 on February 14th, Valentine's Day brings in a bonanza of high-conversion, high-spending shoppers to Amazon.

There are so many reasons for online merchants to get excited for Amazon Valentine's Day sales.

Just look at these stats from a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) last year:

• 53.9% of Americans celebrated Valentine's Day in 2017

• 27.2% of Valentine's Day 2017 revelers planned to shop online

• $136.57 was the average amount spent on Valentine's Day gifts per consumer in 2017

• Men spend approximately $191 while women spend about $97 on gifts for their partners on average 


These numbers tell you that Amazon Valentine's Day sales are there for the making — if you prepare early and strategically.


Sure, there are plenty of obvious items that sellers can source for this love-themed holiday, as seen below:


Amazon Valentines Day sales ~ popular product categories



Valentines Day sales spending by category


But, there are just as many products you can stock up on for Amazon Valentine's Day that aren’t as intuitive.


To help you prepare, we put together this crash course on Amazon Valentine's Day products to source that’ll maximize sales.

And, we also discuss Valentine's Day best practices for Amazon sellers to follow for V-Day, including optimizing:

• product descriptions

• gift options


Keep reading to see if you’re ready for the Valentine's Day shopping frenzy.



Stock the most popular Amazon Valentine's Day items


Let’s start by getting the obvious stuff out of the way: the products that are typical Valentine's Day top sellers on Amazon.


For women, these include:

• jewelry

• perfume

• flowers

• chocolates

• beauty products

• romantic books and movies

• lingerie and intimate apparel


For men, you’ve got:

• cologne

• watches

• grooming supplies

• clothing

• sporting goods

• techy gadgets


If you opt to source chocolate, make sure to read up on Amazon's Date- and Temperature-Sensitive Products guidelines:

Amazon Valentines Day sales - date- and temperature-sensitive product guidelines


You should also stock stylish his-and-her products, such as lockets, clothing, and bracelets, as these will be in-demand.


Amazon Valentines Day sales - his and her products


But it doesn’t end there. Smart sellers know that there’s more to Amazon Valentine's Day sales than gifts for significant others.



More demographics to target for Amazon Valentine's Day sales


In addition to targeting people buying gifts for significant others, you should also target people purchasing gifts for:

• family

• friends

• co-workers

• neighbors

• classmates

• teachers


Valentine's Day items for these demographics need not be intimate or expensive. Really, anything red, cute, and with hearts on it will do.


Consider stocking up on platonic gifts like:

• decorations (for the home, classroom, and/or parties)

• stickers

• cards (especially sets that little kids can use for classmates)

• gift wrap

• plush toys


Platonic gifts can also include chocolates and flowers, as well as some of the other ideas mentioned for significant others. But, they can (and probably should) be smaller, less intimate versions.

Round out your inventory with some of these products and you can seriously cash in on Amazon Valentine's Day sales.



Don’t forget to source gifts for pets


People love their pets. I mean, they really LOVE them.


Amazon Valentines Day sales - pet products


According to the NRF, Americans spent a whopping $681 million on Valentine's Day gifts for their pets in 2016, and according to WalletHub, 20% of people planned on buying V-Day gifts for their pets in 2017.


Products to consider sourcing as Valentine's Day gifts for pets include:

• leashes

• collars

• hair clips (for all the dog bedazzlers out there)

• bandanas

• pet t-shirts/sweaters

• themed food and water bowls

• toys

• pet treats


Of course, make sure your V-Day pet products are red, pink, or dotted with hearts.

And, if you don’t sell out, remember that these products will always be in demand every year around Valentine's Day.



Source products that help people catch a cheating lover


It sure sounds like a wild plan, but it’s actually a very smart strategy. Sales of spy and surveillance gear that helps people catch significant others cheating routinely skyrocket in the weeks before Valentine's Day.

Perhaps it’s because cheaters anxiously give away clues of their misdeeds as the day of love approaches. Or, maybe people just become suspicious of their lackluster lovers after seeing other doting couples acting affectionately in public.

Whatever the case, your Amazon Valentine's Day sales can get a boost from products like:

• GPS trackers

• spy cameras

• audio surveillance tools


The listing below is the perfect example (although the product itself could use some help with its rating...):


Amazon Valentines Day sales - gps tracker


Which brings us to our next Amazon Valentine's Day sales tip:



Boost Amazon Valentine's Day sales by optimizing your product descriptions


We can’t stress enough how vital Amazon product descriptions are when it comes to attracting customers for seasonal/holiday sales. Valentine's Day on Amazon is no exception.

By strategically writing “Valentine's Day” into descriptions, your listings will appear higher in Valentine's Day-related searches. Just look at the gold foil number balloons pictured below:


Amazon Valentines Day sales -- number balloons


There’s nothing about these balloons that screams “Valentine's Day.”

But look below at how the seller chose to list this product:


Amazon Valentines Day sales - number balloons listing


Clearly, this seller understands the power of having listings optimized for search, and you should mirror that technique.

This seller was even savvy enough to also include “Birthday,” “Wedding,” and “Party Decoration” in the description to attract shoppers in search of the same product, but for other occasions.

Write your listings assuming that many Amazon shoppers will use “Valentine's Day” in search queries. And, if you have any products (like the balloons) that make sense for other holidays, make sure to update those listings to be optimized for the next holiday.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to optimize the copy in your product detail pages down to the bullets in the description.

Even adding a line of text saying “Your wife/husband will love this” could be the difference-maker in getting that next sale.

So, go all-out in tailoring your product listing pages—from title to details—in order to maximize who you attract via search.



Offer gift wrap and other special gift options


A great way to make your Amazon store stand out is to offer gift wrapping and gift messaging to your buyers. And, when you allow customers to select an item as a “gift,” Amazon will omit the price on their receipt.

Here’s what Amazon writes about managing your Gift Options in Seller Central:


Amazon Valentines day sales -- Professional seller gift options


To learn how to set up gift wrapping and gift messaging on your account, visit Amazon’s Gift Options page.



Amazon Valentine's Day sales: The bottom line


Don’t be fooled into thinking Q1 will be a bust; Amazon Valentine's Day sales can seriously boost your bottom line.

Think outside the heart-shaped chocolate box and source products for platonic relationships, pets, and paranoid lovers seeking a cheating partner. And don’t forget about his-and-her products for those types of couples.


Also, consider offering gift wrapping and gift messaging options for buyers. You can even charge extra for these added services to further pad your profits.


And, don’t forget to optimize your product descriptions for search by including “Valentine's Day” in the title. Even inferior products can become top sellers when they’re set up to appear high in Amazon’s search results.


Did we leave anything out that you do for Valentine's Day on Amazon?

Let us know your Amazon Valentine's Day sales strategy by emailing us at!


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