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Amazon Mexico Repricing Now Available With users, get ready for a whole new region to dominate on Amazon! We’re thrilled to announce’s latest Amazon Marketplace integration, giving you the power of Amazon Mexico repricing.

This brand new feature is open to users on all plans for no additional fee. (Because we really like you.)

On top of that, it’s super easy for Amazon US and Amazon CA sellers to integrate with Amazon Mexico. (We’ll get to that later!)

Keep reading to get to know this exciting region and discover why Amazon Mexico repricing could help scale your business like never before.

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Amazon Mexico: A Quick History


Amazon saw the massive potential of the Mexican ecommerce market and decided to launch Amazon Mexico in June 2015.

Juan Carlos Garcia, CEO of Amazon Mexico, had this to say about Amazon’s view of the Mexican ecommerce market:

“We saw a big opportunity in the Mexican [ecommerce] market. It’s a market which right now is at $12 billion and growth has been in the double digits.”

Just over a year later, Amazon Mexico has had a chance to develop, gain buyer trust, and build a following. This is especially true among Mexico’s younger, affluent demographic, which makes up more than half of Mexico’s rapidly growing population.

According to Garcia:

“Mexico is a one of a kind opportunity for e-commerce because of the demographics. For the next 15 years we’ll see new people enter the job market, many of whom are tech-savvy and have disposable income.”



Remarkable Potential for Sellers to Profit with Amazon Mexico Repricing


The buzz about Amazon Mexico and the rise of the Mexican ecommerce market is so loud you can feel it.

According to a recent report from Forrester:

“Online retail sales and buyers in Mexico will double in the next five years.”

An earlier Forrester report, released before Amazon Mexico went live, projected that Mexican online buyers will grow from 8.4 million to 18 million between 2013 and 2018, an increase of 114%.

Some experts who paid close attention to Amazon India’s early estimates believe those forecasts to be conservative.

Getting into the market now and taking advantage of repricing on Amazon Mexico can be the forward-thinking move that makes you more money than you ever thought possible.



Easy Expansion to Amazon MX for Amazon US and Amazon CA Sellers


Here’s why expanding your operation to Amazon MX makes even more sense:

For no additional fee from Amazon, you can take advantage of Amazon’s North America Unified Account.

This allows you to use the Marketplace Switcher drop-down menu in Seller Central to seamlessly move between your Amazon US, CA, and MX accounts. (Image below.)

amazon marketplace switcher, amazon mexico repricing

Use the drop-down menu on the top-right with the American flag next to it to navigate between Amazon US (, Amazon Canada (, and Amazon Mexico (

Pro Sellers only pay subscription fees for the Marketplace they originally signed up for. But please note that listings added to one Marketplace will not automatically populate on the others in your Unified Account. Listings must be added to each marketplace separately.

Another amazing feat about Amazon Mexico is that Amazon figured out how to deliver to 99% of Mexico’s zip codes. So, you can use FBA to ship to even the most rural areas of Mexico -- allowing you to reach millions more customers than ever before.



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