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How the Best Amazon Merchants Win During Wedding Season

Spring has settled in, and that means wedding season is about to be upon us. And with it, the best Amazon merchants are already sourcing wedding-related products to seriously fuel sales.

Wedding Registry | Amazon.com

As someone who has worked as a vendor in the wedding industry, I know how many products are associated with these elaborate celebrations, so I thought it would be useful to put together an article for Amazon merchants looking to make the most of wedding season.

After all, Amazon is where the majority of the wedding photographers, planners, and stylists I know look first when buying wedding photography equipment, photo session materials, and other important wedding products. And we know plenty of engaged couples who rely on Amazon for the wedding products they need.

Ready to discover how to win big on Amazon during wedding season? Keep reading for all the details!


Amazon wedding season demographics to target

With weddings about to hit people’s calendars in full force, smart Amazon merchants are strategically sourcing wedding, engagement, and bridal products now. That way, they’ll be able to tap into the massive demographic of wedding shoppers throughout most of the year.

While there’s no definitive start and end date to the season of matrimony, it’s typically pegged between mid-April and mid-November. Once the weather gets cold, couples are not as keen on tying the knot, but there are definitely exceptions.

Most sellers immediately think of brides and grooms as the ideal target for wedding products on Amazon. But there are plenty of other, larger wedding demographics for Amazon merchants to tap into.

Wedding guests are the next group to come to mind, and they make up a massive group, at that. The beauty of targeting wedding guests is that wedding gifts tend to fall in a few specific categories, such as Home & Kitchen and Bed & Bath.

Amazon has a wedding registry feature that allows couples to set up a list of potential gifts they’d like to receive on their big day. This helps wedding guests know exactly what gifts to buy the bride and groom so no one has to guess.

On top of targeting wedding guests, Amazon merchants can aim at wedding vendors who will be looking for their own specific products on the marketplace.

Potential wedding vendor targets for Amazon merchants include:

• Wedding planners
• Wedding photographers and videographers
• Florists
• DJs
• Hairstylists and makeup artists
• Wedding singers, dancers, and other entertainers

We’ll go into detail about items you can source for each of these groups later. For now, the most important takeaway is that wedding season presents a massive opportunity for smart, strategic Amazon merchants.



Popular products on Amazon wedding registries

Popular products on Amazon wedding registries

Before discussing what to source for each wedding demographic listed above, let’s start with Amazon’s best-selling items from wedding registries. We already mentioned that Home & Kitchen and Bed & Bath are the most popular categories, so let’s talk specifics.

Here’s a list of the most popular products purchased that appear on Amazon wedding registries:

• Small kitchen appliances (think food processors, rice cookers, and pressure cookers)
• Dinnerware and serveware (that fine china!)
• Flatware
• Drinkware and barware
• Cookware
• Bakeware
• Knives and kitchen tools (think cutting boards, pepper grinders, mixing bowls, pots and pans)
• Home decor (fine crystal, vases, lamps, wall art)
• Towels and bathrobes
• Sheets, blankets, pillows, and comforters


What wedding planners want on Amazon

What wedding planners want on Amazon

A wedding planner’s function is to manage every last detail of a couple’s wedding day. That means that any wedding items could wind up being bought by a wedding planner—if a couple is busy enough.

From decorative banners and tablecloths to party favors and centerpieces, the products a wedding planner may purchase are virtually endless. Here are some ideas for items you can source to start targeting them:

• Candles
• Confetti
• Guest books
• Markers and pens for signing guest books
• Garlands and sashes
• Papier mache ornaments
• Gift card holders (not just the birdcage ones)
• Table cards
• Balloons
• Cake cutters and server
• Plates, cups, glasses, napkins, and flatware
• Handmade stationer
• Any other party favors

Depending on your strategy, you may want to source different quality levels of these products to target both low-end and high-end weddings.

And, since a wedding planner’s number-one function is to plan, consider selling some decorative notebooks and planners and then optimize the listings to include the words “wedding planner” to help your Amazon SEO.


Amazon wedding season products for brides

Ask most people, and they’ll tell you that the bride is the most important person involved in any given wedding. While some grooms (and, likely, some wedding planners and photographers) will debate this, most people accept this without argument.

So how can you target brides on Amazon? Here are a few items that all brides will be searching for before their weddings take place:

• Wedding dresses and gowns
• Wedding shoes
• Handbags and clutches
• Veils
• Headpieces
• Makeup
• Hair accessories
• Jewelry
• Intimate apparel
• Florals

Another important note about wedding season is that different nationalities celebrate weddings in different ways. For instance, a traditional Indian wedding has different styles of dress and decor than an American one. Knowing this ahead of time will help sellers plan and diversify the products they’ll source.

Lastly, remember that many brides plan their own weddings. Some do so because hiring a wedding planner isn’t in their budget; others do so because they find it fun. With that in mind, you can sell books that help brides plan, along with stylish wedding decorations and party supplies.


Products that Amazon merchants can source for grooms

Some see the groom as a secondary party on wedding day, but not savvy Amazon merchants. These sellers know that grooms have their own list of items to buy before their wedding day, such as:

• Tuxedos
• Dress shirts
• Socks
• Cufflinks
• Boutonnieres
• Men’s shoes

Try to identify product categories with less competition to branch into if you’re looking to expand your offerings. And just like brides, grooms also have a whole category of books written just for them. While the groom himself may not be the one buying one, friends and family might be enticed to buy these books as “gag gifts.”


Remember bridesmaids, groomsmen, the maid-of-honor, and best man

Bridesmaids and groomsmen represent some of the most high-profile wedding guests aside from the parents of the couple. These demographics will need similar products as the bride and groom, although typically not as fancy.

Consider sourcing bridesmaid dresses and robes and gifts and outfits for groomsmen.

You can also source products specifically for the maid-of-honor and best man. There are countless items, such as t-shirts, shot glasses, and personalized gifts that these demographics are likely to order (or have ordered for them).


Items targeted at wedding photographers and videographers

Items targeted at wedding photographers and videographers

Like any type of professional photographer, wedding photographers need the best equipment possible to capture their clients’ big days. That means camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and memory cards will be in demand throughout wedding season. You’ll also tempt wedding photogs with special backpacks and rolling bags designed to hold all the equipment needed to photograph an entire wedding.

The same products apply to videographers, with some additions to the mix. Videographers rely heavily on stabilizing tools like monopods, tripods, and glidecams to give their videos a smooth feel. They also needs microphones to record the audio that goes along with their video footage. Reflectors, lighting equipment, and batteries (especially rechargeables) also come in handy for both wedding photographers and videographers.

Beyond these general photo and video products, there are also niche items specifically for wedding photographers. These include:

• Props for photo booths (you know, those big plastic glasses, mustaches, and the like)
• Wedding photo albums
• Stylish boxes for presenting photo prints to clients
• Books about wedding photography

Because wedding photography/videography equipment is usually expensive, these vendors are typically motivated by price. That’s why it’s vital to use a reliable repricing tool to keep your prices competitive on these listings at all times.

Wedding products for florists

Most florists will source their flowers from their own distributors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cater to them in other ways.

Florists also need tools like bouquet holders, boutonniere boxes, corsage pins, and special floral tape. They also purchase flower buckets for organizing the different types of flowers they use in bouquets. And in some instances, florists may want to source silk flowers or other synthetic florals from Amazon.

Thinking about less obvious and less glamorous products that wedding vendors need, you’ll be able to beautify your bottom line.


Products for wedding DJs

Most weddings have a DJ spinning records to liven up the crowd if the couple doesn’t hire a professional band. And these music curators need plenty of tools and equipment to keep their businesses running. Consider the following products to target DJs during wedding season:

• Sound-activated party lights, strobe lights, projector lights, and colorful stage lights
• Professional turntable systems
• Records
• Speakers
• Laptop computers
• Microphones and wireless mic systems
• Smoke/fog machines
• Bubble machines
• Hard cases for transporting and storing expensive DJ equipment

There are many variations in the quality of DJ equipment, so it’s important to research brands and best-sellers before investing.


Products for wedding hairstylists and makeup artists

Hairstylists and makeup artists who work weddings typically need portable equipment so they can perform their services wherever necessary. That means Amazon merchants can source an array of crucial items for these wedding professionals.

Here are a few product ideas for these wedding pros:

• Portable hydraulic stylist chairs
• Portable shampoo sinks with drains
• Hard cases and rolling bags for storage and transport
• Styling tools like scissors, combs, brushes, clips, curling irons, blowdryers, capes, and mirrors
• Anti-fatigue mats
• Rolling carts for maximum storage
• Hair coloring products
• Hair styling products like gel, mousse, pomade, cream, and more
• Heat-resistant gloves


Products for wedding singers, dancers, and other performers

Some couples go the extra mile on their wedding day by hiring professional singers, dancers, bands, and other performers. The idea is to add an element to their celebration that guests won’t experience anywhere else. Knowing that these service providers will be looking to fill their business needs during wedding season, sellers should respond by stocking up on certain products.

Here’s are some ideas for targeting this group:

• Microphones
• Musical equipment
• Speakers
• Costumes for dancers and entertainers
• Storage and transport equipment for musical instruments and equipment


Clear umbrellas for weddings that get hit with rain 

When couples set their wedding date, there's no guarantee the weather will hold up on the big day. And when anxious brides and grooms check the weather a week before their wedding and discover there's a high chance of rain, you'd better believe they'll be hitting up Amazon to order a bounty of clear umbrellas to keep their guests protected while still keeping in fashion.

If you strategically keep these stylish rain protection products in inventory in bulk, you may find yourself experiencing windfall sales when wealthy couples place an order for enough umbrellas to equip their entire guest list.

Amazon Wedding Season - Clear Umbrellas-2



Amazon wedding season: final thoughts

For sellers looking to boost their bottom lines in Q2 and Q3, wedding season is perfect. Not every seller is aware of the massive amount of wedding-related shopping that occurs between early spring and late autumn, so smart sellers can take advantage.

The beauty of many of the items recommended in this article for wedding season is that they’re not just for weddings. That means you also have a chance of selling them to consumers outside the wedding demographic, further fueling revenue.

As with any eCommerce product sourcing strategy, it pays to do your as much research as possible before investing heavily in particular items.

We hope that these recommendations serve as a roadmap to help you get started targeting this wide demographic of shoppers. And, we wish you the best of luck selling online during this celebratory season!

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