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Amazon Feedback Series (Part 1): How to Boost Your Seller Rating

Although controversial, some sellers really like Amazon’s seller rating system because it holds them accountable for their business practices and helps to create better standards overall – others want to do away with feedback system entirely.

Whether or not you like Amazon’s feedback system, there’s one thing we can all agree on – feedback matters for your bottom line, and your eligibility to win the buy box. It’s in your best interest to avoid negative ratings and reach for more positive buyer responses.

Use the following steps to avoid negative Amazon feedback and remove any lingering negative reviews currently plaguing your seller rating.



Avoid Negative Feedback on Amazon


Most often, a buyer will leave negative feedback due to

       • Issues with shipping

       • Out of stock items

       • Messy or complicated returns

       • Product not as described

       • Wrong size or product

       • Poor or less-than-expected quality

       • Poor customer service


To combat these culprits, consider making these adjustments.

• Practice exceptional customer service. On Amazon, where marketing for your own website is prohibited, you’re limited by what kind of branding you can do. That said, you can still nail exceptional customer service by communicating to all customer inquiries as soon as possible, preferably within a 2-hour window.

• Avoid overselling. Enlist an integration software that will sync with all sales channels, keep an accurate eye on all moving inventory and update product quantities on each sales channel as an item sells or gets re-stocked.

 Ship quickly. Try to get all items to the post office on the same day they were ordered. If you dropship, use software to automatically send new sales orders and shipping details to your fulfillment centers and suppliers.

 Describe products in detail. Clear, thorough product descriptions and well-lit product photos go a long way to encourage a purchase. The more accurate your descriptions are, the better. For great product photos, read these tips.


How to get rid of negative feedback on Amazon


The first thing you should do when poor buyer feedback rolls in is relax. We know – not as easy as it sounds.

In order to properly build your case for buyer initiated feedback removal, you need to be calm, professional and accommodating. So take a few minutes to step away from your computer, breathe, and come to a place where you can reach out without giving in to your emotions

Once you’re ready, here’s your game plan to work with the buyer and encourage them to remove a negative review of your product or service.

 Contact the buyer via the Amazon messaging system. Apologize, and ask for details regarding the issue. Were they expecting a different type of item? Was the product damaged during transit?

 Work with the buyer to determine next steps. Be prepared to offer a refund or send a replacement item.

 Once the issue is resolved, contact them once more and politely request that if they feel content with their overall experience and the solution you provided, would they consider removing their initial feedback. Give them detailed instructions on how to remove feedback. Make it as quick and simple for them as possible.

 If they don’t respond immediately, don’t panic. It may have gone to their junk mail, or they could have forgotten to respond. Wait a few days, then send one more similarly worded email.

 If you still receive no response, don’t be afraid to get in touch the old fashioned way – snail mail. Send a kindly worded letter in the mail with instructions on how to remove feedback and simply remind them of all the steps you took to correct the situation and the final agreed upon solution.


Now that you’ve cleared out negative feedback cobwebs, it’s time for the fun part – increasing your positive feedback on Amazon. Learn how to increase the likelihood of receiving a five star rating in the part two of our Amazon Feedback Series. Stay tuned!


This is a guest post by Tiana Byers from Ecomdash, a smart inventory, order and listing software designed to simplify multi-channel selling for small to medium sized businesses.


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