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Amazon Father's Day: How to Source Products Dads Will Love

Wondering why we’re posting about the best Father’s Day products for online sellers when Mother’s Day isn't until next Sunday? It’s all about putting a plan in place.

That’s because the best online sellers know that sourcing for holidays and key seasonal events well in advance is crucial to having the right mix of products in place when people start shopping. Father’s Day is one such major consumer event, and this year it falls on Sunday, June 17th, right at the end of Q2.

That gives you a chance to seriously boost your bottom line in what tends to be a slow quarter—if you plan properly.

To help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of the best Father’s Day products for online sellers to source. We hope it inspires you to start selling different strategic items as you develop your Father’s Day product mix.


Source Father’s Day products for sports-loving dads

For certain dads, sporting goods represent the pinnacle of Father’s Day gifts. Online sellers can get creative here and use their own knowledge of sports to aid in the sourcing process.

Whether you’re considering sports apparel, equipment, or other sports-related merchandise in Amazon’s BMVD category (or related categories on other marketplaces), it pays to know which teams are popular and which athletic brands are best-sellers.

That’s why research is key.

Consider selling golf equipment, basketballs, footballs, hockey sticks, tennis racquets and balls, and baseball gloves for active dads. And don’t forget about niche sports like skiing, bowling, cycling, kayaking, and running to round out your product mix.

Then, determine if you want to move into the sports apparel space, selling jerseys of popular players and caps from winning teams. You can even source popular sneakers associated with specific athletes to tap into the brand recognition they already have.

And don’t forget about using product bundling on Amazon to create a unique ASIN consisting of related items. One idea is to create a bundle for a specific sport, such as a tennis racquet, a pack of tennis balls, and wristbands.

Or, go for a team-centric bundle and take advantage of the popularity of a recent champion. Consider the UNC Tar Heels, who recently won the men’s NCAA basketball title. You can bundle a Tar Heels-branded basketball with a UNC t-shirt and pair of mesh basketball shorts.

The NBA and NHL Playoffs are also currently in full swing, and the best teams typically see the highest demand for their products.


Target Father’s Day shoppers with auto-related products

Plenty of dads have love for cars and trucks, so tap into that auto affinity for Father’s Day.

Father's Day Product Ideas in the Automotive CategoryThe automotive category is another great opportunity to create a unique product bundle.

Consider combining a set of car mats with a pair of seat covers, an air freshener, and an organizer for family members shopping for an extra special dad.


Remember to source small, simple, and affordable Father’s Day gifts

Don't forget about less expensive gifts like Father’s Day coffee mugs, t-shirts, and fun gag-gifts for dads. For many shoppers, these represent the perfect presents for dad.

Here are some suggestions for Father’s Day products that fit the bill:

Father’s Day books
Pocket knives
Picture frames


Source men’s grooming products and sets

From beer soap to beard oil, men’s grooming products will be in high demand leading up to Father’s Day.

Smart eCommerce sellers can take advantage of this knowledge by creating unique bundles of related products. Consider making your own fancy shaving set with a straight razor and case, shaving cream, aftershave, and moisturizer.

Or, bundle and electric beard trimmer with a boar’s hair beard brush and beard balm.

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and price intelligently to make sure you’re in the Buy Box when Father’s Day shopping is at its peak.


Aim for dads who are into tech and gadgets

With so much cool technology today, you can bet that gadgets and techy products will sell big for Father’s Day. Big-screen TVs, computers, and sound systems will be major Father’s Day sellers. As will speakers, projectors, cameras and lenses, and video game systems and games.

On top of those items, virtual reality products will grow in popularity this Father’s Day as they become more accessible to the masses.

Do your research so you know what’s popular and what has the potential to sell once the most popular products sell out.


Consider dads who live for home improvement

Sure, Father’s Day isn’t about work, but you’d better believe that people will purchase products like lawn mowers, bandsaws, and woodworking equipment for dads who can’t get enough of home improvement.

For these consumers, you may want to source toolsets, power tools, and other items for dads who like to work with their hands.

You can also source storage equipment like tool bags, boxes, belts, pouches, and holsters.


A few more product categories to consider for Father’s Day

With so many types of dads in the world, there are still many more directions you can go for Father’s Day product sourcing.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with a few more ideas to inspire you as you prepare for the last big shopping event of Q2:

More Father's Day Product Ideas

We hope this inspires you to experiment with new categories as you decide on your Father’s Day product mix.

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