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Amazon Australia Repricing Now Available With Informed.co

You asked for it and we delivered: Amazon Australia repricing is now available from Informed.co. The development coincided with the recent launch of Amazon Australia, and many of our customers requested the ability to reprice on this brand new marketplace.

To add to the awesomeness of Amazon Australia being in the mix, our engineers built Amazon Brazil compatibility in the new update, as well. (We’ll have more on the impact of Amazon Brazil repricing in a separate article.)

If you’re an Amazon seller looking to boost your international eCommerce presence, this new functionality within Informed.co offers them the ability to bring a familiar competitive advantage into uncharted territory.

So, why should you care about Amazon Australia if you’re already doing fine where you currently sell? Below are a few reasons for expanding into Amazon Australia that you may want to consider.



Amazon Australia is brand new with room for improvements


Just launched in early December 2017, Amazon Australia is still in its infancy, and it’s already had its share of issues.

Australians were none too pleased to discover the online retail behemoth was offering popular products for much higher prices than local retailers just before the holidays — especially after heavy fanfare that went into promoting the launch about Amazon’s “low prices.” And, the selection of products that Amazon is famous for in the U.S. was described by a Citi retail analyst as “patchy” by comparison in the new Australian marketplace.

Not to mention that shipping times were lagging behind established Australian retailers, causing many to question whether Amazon rushed the launch just to get the new marketplace up and running before the December holiday rush, no matter how ready it was.

Because the Amazon Australia launch was viewed by many as a dud, it puts savvy sellers in a position they can take advantage of as the marketplace matures, as long as they can find suppliers offering attractive enough prices for products the Australian market demands.

Once your sourcing is taken care of, you can then use a repricer to automatically optimize your prices on Amazon Australia to drive sales while ensuring you lock in at least your minimum desired profit.

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Sellers who stick with Amazon Australia have the chance to earn positive feedback, establish a strong seller rating, and build a solid reputation from the start, so long as they utilize sound strategies for earning market share. Any competitive advantage gained early on will only grow stronger as more Australians adopt Amazon as their go-to site for shopping.




Australian eCommerce development is headed in the right direction


The population of Australia is relatively small for a nation its size at just over 24 million. Yet, there are several factors that make Australia a potential heavy-hitter when it comes to boosting its growing eCommerce industry.

For starters, Australians are huge online shoppers, with approximately 85% of the nation having access to internet. On top that that, Australians are heavily invested in mobile, with nearly five out of six people owning mobile phones.

Perhaps most telling is that Australia’s eCommerce sales grew by nearly 40% year-over-year in 2017, showing a serious uptrend toward online shopping over brick-and-mortar retail.

These factors make Australia’s market all the more appealing for online sellers, even compared to neighboring nations in Asia with higher populations, but less of a technological footprint.



The Australian economy is strong and its citizens have money to spend


Australia had a per capita GDP of just under $57,000 USD in 2016, which means that, in general, its citizens have disposable income to buy your eCommerce products.

Combine that spending power with Australia’s nearly 90% urban population and you’ve got a recipe for serious sales growth — if you set up roots on Australia’s newest (and soon-to-be best) online marketplace.



Amazon Australia repricing is the key to establishing your reputation


Now that you have an idea of Amazon Australia’s growth potential, the question becomes: How do you solidify your presence on this new marketplace?

One way to gain a foothold in Amazon Australia is to use an automated repricer to constantly optimize your prices for different sales goals. Using a repricer to automate your price changes allows you to effectively compete against the most relevant sellers in your space with the utmost efficiency.

By automating your price changes using different repricing strategies, you’ll be able to drive profitable sales at prices that work for both you and your customers, and in turn, you’ll be able to make more transactions, get more positive reviews and feedback, and elevate your seller rating so you look like a more attractive third-party seller than your competitors.

And the real beauty of using a repricer is that it does almost all the work for you.

With our profit-based minimum price setting, you can simply decide how much of a minimum profit you’d like to earn per sale (expressed either as a percentage or a fixed currency amount; it’s your choice), and our software will automatically calculate the minimum price points of any listings you apply the strategy to.

Of course, you can make as many different repricing strategies as you want using our profit-based minimum price feature. That includes price-matching strategies, pricing above competitors with inferior fulfillment methods, shipping times, or seller ratings, and pricing below sellers when you want to take a more aggressive approach or liquidate poor-performing products to free up cash for better ones (or other business investments).

By automating your price changes with a tool like Informed.co, you’ll also be able to focus on building up other parts of your business (perhaps by taking the time to set up strategic product bundles) or taking some personal time to reflect on your eCommerce achievements.



The bottom line on Amazon Australia repricing


Now that Informed.co is offering Amazon Australia repricing, it’s a great time to decide if this brand new marketplace is something you want to seize upon while it’s still fresh.

By being an innovator or early adopter and working to establish yourself on Amazon Australia when the marketplace is still young, you’ll be able to get ahead of other third-party sellers once they get over their fear of trying something new.

In order to make the most of the early days of Amazon Australia, we encourage you to test out our automated repricing platform for free for 14 days.

When you sign up for your free trial, you’ll get a crash course from our Customer Success team before the trial officially begins, so you’ll discover how to get the most out of Informed.co before the 14 days start counting down.

Click the image below to learn more about Informed.co on our site and to sign up for your free 14-day trial once you’re ready to take our software for a spin.

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